What is El Gran Escape?

The Escape games, also know as Exit games or escape rooms, are a breakthrough new way of entertainment consisting in trying to breakout rooms by solving enigmas and following clues. This rooms display different atmospheres depending on the theme it has. Its a fun experience for groups between 2-5 people who want to disconnect from the real world and be concentrated in the fantastic adventures the escape room offer.
When we were kid we always wanted to find treasures and discover secret places as in films or books so here in El Gran Escape this dream can come true! you being the star! team working is essential! In our opinion, its a great activity fro those days when you have nothing special to do.

Have you ever been in one?

Even if you have, an unforgettable experience awaits for you in El Gran Escape. Be sure that once you try it youll be addicted to this new concept of entertainment.
If you have never been in one, we recommend you to come with freinds, family or collegues from work to enjoy our escape rooms which includes great enigmas to be solved.

Big Brother (1984)

Neither your thoughts are not in safe! A pleasant memory is enough… or a snapshot from your memories, a field with flowers from your dreams – the Thought Police strikes straightaway…
We live in terrible times where the Big Brother and his cruel organization can see and hear everything in this evil society.
This is the only chance you have to escape. Due to a technical problem, the surveillance system its down giving you 60 minutes to breakout this prison and be free.
To reach your goal, you must use the logic and your knowledge. You will obtain some helpful information from the outside world, that world you once were part of, but the best help you can get is from the people next to you.
Discover what hidden beneath the 101 room and try not to fail otherwise youll stay among the walls of this disturbing socierty forever!. And never forget he is watching you…

Terrible Circus

Come and save the animals and members of the circus. Its evil director torture them day by day and wouldnt let them leave.
Under this tend, youll be able to see the mess before and after the show. Its a mix of the fun the terrible activities going on pit of the show. This cruel director takes an hour break every day and this is the only time you have to escape together with the animals and the rest of the crew.
You have 60 minutes where the a fortuneteller will give you some help to solve all the puzzles, open locks, padlocks this circus have inside.

Heaven & Hell

This is a point of no return. You wanted to know something about heaven and hell? to do this, like all mortals, you must follow the course of nature and die first. During this adventure you will have the chance to open the gates of heaven and feel the heat of hell itself while you look for the defribillator that can bring you back to life.

You are lucky because in this case you won’t be alone since there will be other souls next to you that will help you to escape from this other world.

The defribillator only works for 60 minutes so if you don’t find it you will stay trapped in this place forever. An unknown voice from the living world will guide you in case you need some help.

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